Salaries of Chief Ministers of different states in India

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Under Article 164 of the Indian Constitution envisages that the Chief Minister shall be appointed by the governor. As of now there are 28 states and 9 Union Territories (UTs) in our country. The Chief Minister (CM) of different states receives a monthly salary for their work. In this article we have tried to publish the information regarding the salary of all CMs in our country.

The Chief Minister of a state enjoys the same position in the state whereas the Prime Minister enjoys in the country. Chief Minister of a state is known as the leader of MLAs in the State Assembly  while the Prime Minister is known as the leader of MPs in the Lok Sabha.

Every officers of the Indian government receives the salary for their work. The salary of Indian President is Rs. 5 lac per month plus allowances.

On the other hand the salary of Chief Ministers in India varies from state to state. The Chief Minister of Telangana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh ranks the top 3 positions in receiving the highest salary as compared to other CMs in the country.

Now let’s go through the salary of Chief Ministers in India in the given table :

S.N.StateSalary (per month in Rupees)
1.Telangana Rs.410,000 (US$5,900)
2.DelhiRs.390,000 (US$5,600)
3.Uttar Pradesh Rs.365,000 (US$5,300)
4.MaharashtraRs.340,000 (US$4,900)
5.Andhra PradeshRs.335,000 (US$4,800)
6.Gujarat Rs.321,000 (US$4,600)
7.Himachal PradeshRs.310,000 (US$4,500)
8.Haryana Rs.288,000 (US$4,200)
9.JharkhandRs.272,000 (US$3,900)
10.Madhya Pradesh Rs.255,000 (US$3,700)
11.Chattisgarh Rs.230,000 (US$3,300)
12.PunjabRs.230,000 (US$3,300)
13.Goa Rs.220,000 (US$3,200)
14.BiharRs.215,000 (US$3,100)
15.West Bengal Rs.210,000 (US$3,000)
16.Tamil Nadu Rs.205,000 (US$3,000)
17.Karnataka Rs.200,000 (US$2,900)
18.Sikkim Rs.190,000 (US$2,700)
19.Kerala Rs.185,000 (US$2,700)
20.Rajasthan Rs.175,000 (US$2,500)
21.UttarakhandRs.175,000 (US$2,500)
22.Oddisha Rs.160,000 (US$2,300)
23.Meghalaya Rs.150,000 (US$2,200)
24.Arunachal PradeshRs.133,000 (US$1,900)
25.Assam Rs.125,000 (US$1,800)
26.Manipur Rs.120,000 (US$1,700)
27.Nagaland Rs.110,000 (US$1,600)
28.Tripura Rs.105,500 (US$1,500)

Hope this list is very important for various competitive exams so aspirants need to remember it with care.

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