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Most of the times we have seen people around us watching television we have heard about TRP of the channel is likely to be increasing day by day. Do you know how to calculate TRP of a TV channel or a program. In this article we will try to provide complete information about TRP and how ads are based on a TRP of a channel.

Television Rating Point (TRP) :

TRP stands for Television Rating Point. It is a tool that indicates the popularity of a television program. It is used to judge television program which is viewed most. This gives an index of the choice of the people and shows the popularity of the particular program. A program with higher TRP indicates that the program is viewed by a large number of viewer. Its data is very useful for the advertisers because, they place their advertisements during the programs with higher TRP.

How to calculate TRP :

TRP is calculated by Indian agencies INTAM and DART. INTAM is Indian Television Audience Measurement. In earlier days DART Doordarshan Audience Research Team was used to calculate these ratings because at that time the only channel available was Doordarshan. Still DART exists and it is an agency which takes TV viewing pattern of rural people into consideration. They randomly pick people and question them about various channels and programs and they also use electronic methods to get viewership statistics.

There are two electronics methods for calculating TRP :

  1. Frequency Monitoring Method (People’s meter) : These are the device that is attached to the TV sets of few thousand viewers houses to judge. This device is called People’s meter and records the time and the program that the viewer watches on a particular day. After that an average is taken for 30-day period to know viewership status. People’s meter is a very costly device which is imported from abroad. Through this meter the information of TV channel and program for one minute is carried out by INTAM a monitoring team that is Indian television Audience Measurement. After analysing the information, the team decides what is the TRP of channel or programme.
  2. Picture Matching Technique : In this technique, People’s meter is continuously records a small portion of the picture that is watched on a particular television set. After that data is being collected from the sample homes and used to calculate the national rating. This technique is more reliable and comparatively new in India.

What happens when there is a raise and fall in TRP :

The TRP of a channel directly affects on the income of the TV channel on which the programme is coming. Any TV channel earn money from advertisements, if the TRP of a channel or programme is low or people watching it less then the advertisers will give less advertisements and pay less. If the TRP is high then there will be more advertisers, advertisements and they will pay more, so that we can say that TRP not only depends on channel but it depends on programme.

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