China found a mysterious gel like substance on the Moon’s far side

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China’s Chang’e 4 lunar rover has discovered an unidentified “gel-like” substance on the moon’s far side. This lunar probe was launched in early December has taken part in a historic exploration of the far side of the moon sometimes it is incorrectly called the “dark side”.

Chang’e 4 launched on Moon on January 3rd, becoming the first spacecraft to soft land on the moon’s uncharted area. China is the 3rd nation to make this soft landing after two other countries the US and Russia have successfully soft landed on the moon.

Scientists leading the mission decided to pause the rover to investigate the “gel-like” material with an “unusual color,” said. They have noticed the gel while reviewing the photos which was sent from the rover’s camera, which is identified as a small crater appearing to contain.

According to reports of researchers have suggested that the substance could be “melt glass,” formed from meteorites crashing into the lunar surface. The China National Space Administration has not yet released photos of the mysterious gel till now.

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